Thursday, May 23, 2013

Soaring On Eagle's Wings

"A ZIPLINE IN PERRY COUNTY!?" would be the first the thing you hear out of any Perry County resident's mouth, (and some of the surrounding ones).

Having something so exotic in such a retired community is something that took a lot of people by surprise. The owner of Eagles Wings Zipline, Dale Sprinkle, said on 14WFIE, "I just felt like this is something that I should share with everybody."

Watch the whole report at 14 NEWS.

With the park being such a new addition to the county a lot of questions are running through everyone's mind; Is it safe? How much does it cost? When are they open? Can I bring my church group? How long does it take to go through the course? My goal is to answer all of these questions with this blog.

For starters, Eagles Wings Zipline is located in Leopold, IN on the Alexander's old land, which consists of twenty-six acres. 3,500 feet of zip-lines are running throughout the land. Our safe 1/2″ steel lines span cliffs, lakes, creeks, and much more!

While you're on the line, you experience spectacular views of the landscape. Along with the wildlife, the lake, creeks and cliffs we are also home of some remains of what once were glaciers through the foothills of southern Indiana that span back to 16,000 years ago!

Zip-lining provides an experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before and Eagles Wings is here to provide you with a thrill you won't stop talking about to your friends and family!

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